One of her special talents is being able to imitate tennis player Maria Sharapova!
30 Mar 2017 - 5:15 PM  UPDATED 30 Mar 2017 - 5:15 PM

Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week he's teaching us about Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and sharing his K-Pop opinion...

Kim Taeyeon is the leader of Girls' Generation. Not only has she had incredible group success, she’s also had an amazing solo career with hits such as “I” and “Rain.” 

Let’s learn more about this special lady!
1. According to her fellow member Soyoung, Taeyeon sleep talks and was once caught mumbling math problems in her sleep (I sleep to get away from math)!
2. Taeyeon’s older brother was in her music video “I.” (Watch the part where she takes the keys, he’s sitting at the bar).
3. She isn’t a fan of acting cute, once stating that she hard a hard time trying to be cute for the music video “Gee.”
4. During her childhood she never played with dolls, choosing instead, to play with robots and cars. It was her interest in cars that made her such good friends with Kim Heechul.
5. One of her special talents is being able to imitate tennis player Maria Sharapova (Check it out on YouTube!)
6. She was destined to become an amazing singer; her dad was a band vocalist and her mum won a singing contest when she was young. 
7. Taeyeon is known to have a sweet tooth, she enjoys everything from lollies to ice-cream whenever she can get her hands on some.
8. When she was a trainee, she found everything to be very stressful and packed up her belongings. Luckily, she ended up staying and became who she is today (never give up on your dreams)!
9. She was a huge fan of BoA. Taeyeon saysthat she was a huge influence in her becoming a singer (now they’re on the same label)!


Every week on my Facebook page (KPOPJOE) I ask fans their opinions on certain matters. This week I asked: 

"If you could be best friends with any k-Pop idol, who would it be and why?”

Here are the top comments:

"I would be best friends with Suga because for me Suga is just chill and he's a cool rapper. He may be frank sometimes but he's very sweet, sweet as sugar and very funny haha. He's a savage too :T. I love his gums, forehead and his legsss~ I love him from head to toe hahahaha lol.”

"I would pick BTS' Rapmonster! He seems like the type of person that could be really fun to hang out with but also sit down and have really deep and intellectual conversations with you that would make you appreciate your friendship a lot more. I like somebody who I can talk about things with whether they be positive, negative, or about different beliefs / ongoing topics and I feel like he would be the type who would be good at doing that in a mature way without disrespecting my opinions or beliefs.. If that makes sense? Haha! I really think a friendship with him would be one that would last a lifetime and would be unbreakable. Almost like family!”

"I pick V and Jackson (am I allowed to pick 2? Haha)

Anyways V because he is really funny and an amazing person
And Ik he would make me laugh and always be there for me
And I pick Jackson because he is an angel and has an amazing personality 
He is also funny and really sweet"

Who would you choose??

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