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3. Those classic roof top moments? Never, ever happens!
11 Apr 2017 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2017 - 4:49 PM

Japanese high schools are depicted in anime as being drama-filled bastions where student councils wield absolute power, and parents are a non-entity. But as the Eat Your Kimchi duo found out this week, things are a little less exciting in real-life Japanese high-schools.

In a new survey in which Japanese college students were asked questions regarding their high school experiences, Simon and Martina were surprised - yet at the same time not surprised - to find out that high schools in anime differed dramatically from high-schools in real-life!

Here are four big differences between real-life Japanese high-schools vs. anime Japanese high-schools:

1. Japanese high school students DON'T live by themselves in real-life!

For some reason, high-school anime depict many students who live by themselves. In real-life though, this never happens, whether it was in Japan or Canada where Simon and Martina are from, and it all stems from logistics - why would a student live by themselves in the first place?

2. The student council actually has very little power in real-life

Despite student councils being depicted as power-wielding entities in anime, real-life high-school student councils actually hold very little power. Simon and Martina postulates that this is nothing more than a perception dreamed up by teenage students, which make sense considering how the most important thing in their lives during that time is approval from their high-school peers.

3. Those classic roof top moments? Never, ever happens!

Some classic high-school anime moments always take place on roof-tops, for some reason, but don't expect those moments to ever happen in real-life because high-school roofs are always locked!

From logistical reasons (such as preventing suicides) to practical reasons (why let students on the roof anyway?), high-school roof-top drama is nothing more than fantasies dreamed up by writers! 

4. There really aren't that many good-looking people in real-life high-schools...

For some reason, nearly every high-school student is super good-looking in anime. But in real-life, the unfortunate truth is that students are far from the chiseled-Adonis' seen on TV. High-school is a time where students are still growing and losing their baby fat, so don't expect anyone to be a ripped athlete like you see on "Yuri on Ice."

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