With GOT7 coming to Australia this week, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane with a drama that could only ever happen in our dreams.
18 Apr 2017 - 12:23 PM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2017 - 12:23 PM

GOT7’s Dream Knight is full of laughs, fun times and many opportunities to marvel at the group’s visuals and dancing skill. The mini-drama features plenty of dancing, a somewhat tragic backstory and a love triangle that makes for an intriguing story. With their song ‘A’ ringing around in our heads, it’s time to remember and reflect on Dream Knight with 7 thoughts on the show:

1. Jae Bum dressed up as Batman is the cutest

When on their cutesy date, Jae Bum and In Hyung visit a costume store and try on a whole variety of interesting outfits. When Jae Bum comes out in an overly muscled Batman costume, the only appropriate response would be this:

Ah Jae Bum, you’re just too cute for us to handle!


2. That intense dance-battle reminds us how funny the boys are

There is no doubt that GOT7 is hilarious, and slightly dorky. What better way to remind us of how funny and extra they are than their ridiculously long dance battle? Featuring a very tired and exhausted video crew, the dance battle starts off pretty seriously with lots of tension and forehead-to-forehead glaring.

However, by the end of the episode it devolved in to a half-hearted break dance, and Youngjae has a nap while he waits for them to finish.

3. Is there any way to go to a school like theirs? 

One of the most unrealistic things about this mini-drama, even more unrealistic than the idea that they all have magic powers, is the school that they all attend, which appears to be the most relaxed educational institution I’ve ever seen. They never seem to have any classes or exams, and spend a good majority of their time dancing and preparing for the dance competition, gossiping about something or chasing after Jinyoung, Yugyeom and Bam Bam.

If only these kinds of schools existed. If only.

4. All the boys just got even better looking from here

How is it possible for people, as good-looking as GOT7, to get even more attractive? Their attractiveness just continues to increase. The world is indeed an unfair place.  

It’s not just their physical looks though – they’ve all developed and grown as individuals and artists from their debut days. #proud

5. There were some excellent lines in ‘Dream Knight’

This mini-drama certainly had some very creative insults – it feels like at least a quarter of the series was dedicated to banter and roasts.

And when they weren’t bantering, the boys of GOT7 were making our hearts flutter with a whole variety of lines. 

6. So many unanswered questions!

The way Dream Knight ended left me with serious post-drama confusion. I had so many questions after it ended and absolutely no way to get them answered. First of all, didn’t the main character have some sort of medical disease that was going to leave her paralysed? Of course, I’m not glad that she’s okay, but how was she still able to walk and function in that end scene?

Second of all, what happened to all of the boys? Did they disappear in a cloud of gold dust and become nothingness, or did they get transported to some kind of special magic place?

Leading on from that, were the red converses in the last episode Jae Bum’s, and if they were, how???

Also, what ended up happening to Jenny?

These questions can only lead to one major question being raised…

7. How much luck would you even need to have for all of this to happen

Magical knights with special powers that can somehow be summoned from the dolls on your bag. An idol group attending your school. A whole bunch of objectively attractive guys being concerned for your welfare. How much supernatural blessing would a person require for this kind of story to come true? Just guesstimating from the statistical improbability of all these events, I’d say you’d need all the supernatural blessing there is and a little bit more.

Ultimately these kinds of things can only happen to us in dreams.

But hey, GOT7 are going to be in Australia this week and that’s just as good - if not better than - the stuff in Dream Knight!

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