SOLOIST replied to the criticism on his Facebook page.
18 Apr 2017 - 11:09 AM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2017 - 6:40 PM

Indie Thai rapper SOLOIST has just released a new mixtape, but it has drawn some criticism from K-pop fans for allegedly plagiarising BEAST.

One of the songs, titled "Just Married," features SOLOIST rapping new lyrics over what netizens deem to be the iconic instrumental track from BEAST's "Fiction." Upon hearing the similarities between the two tracks, netizens started voicing their opinions on the two "Just Married" MVs:

  • Omg lol he didn't even bother to at least alter the sound a little bit or even get rid of the sound of somebody writing something on a paper lol
  • if you used the track without any alteration at least label it as a cover... cuz everyone knows this is Beast's song
  • How can people just use the exact same instrumental piece for their song!! at least change it a little or something!  this is B2st fiction
  • Copy sound music fiction-beast right? You are embarrassing? Can you top that? I will prosecutions, Cube Entertainment must know this!!
  • It's not mixtape  , It's copy & paste.

In response to all the criticism from netizens, SOLOIST posted up a new statement on his Facebook saying that he had contacted Cube Entertainment and was granted permission to use the "Fiction" instrumental track.

Here is SOLOIST's song:

And here is BEAST's "Fiction":


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