If he could date any BIGBANG member, it would be T.O.P!
26 Apr 2017 - 2:25 PM  UPDATED 26 Apr 2017 - 2:27 PM

Today is a very special day for BIGBANG and VIPs everywhere - it's Daesung's birthday!

To celebrate his 28th year on this glorious Earth (29 in Korea), we've decided to take a look at 11 facts that you may (or may not) know about BIGBANG's hilarious lead singer!

11. He can play drums

Daesung is so good that he sometimes hops on the drumkit for the intro of "Sober" during BIGBANG's concerts!

10. He is weirdly good at dancing to TWICE and I.O.I songs!

Yup it's official, Daesung is a huge TWICE and I.O.I fan!

9. He played a female student and the evil stepmother in BIGBANG's "Boys Over Flowers" parody

You probably know that, but we just wanted to laugh all over again!

8. His dad initially opposed to him becoming a singer

Thankfully Daesung has managed to overcome his struggles to become a wildly successful musician.

7. He was the 1st K-pop artist to bring in over 100,000 fans to his Japanese tour for 2 consecutive years

No denying it, Daesung is HUGE in Japan!

6. He was nearly hit by fireworks during BIGBANG's MADE World Tour in Malaysia

Thankfully Seungri had his back and managed to get him out of harm's way in time!

5. He kicked off his hosting career by being the MC for "Music Core"

The best part though? His co-MC was none other than Seungri!

4. He almost didn't make it into BIGBANG because of his fashion style

Thankfully his stylist worked overtime in fixing his wardrobe and Daesung now looks great in whatever he wears!

3. He takes great care of his skin

In fact, Daesung has so many great beauty products that even G-Dragon's mother is jealous!

2. If he could date any BIGBANG member, it would be T.O.P!

Can't really blame him for that choice!

1. He was diagnosed with vocal chord nodules after debuting and suffered from stage fright

However, Daesung managed to overcome those problems with help from his label mate Gummy. 


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