3. If he had to choose another BTS member to date, he’d choose Jin...
27 Apr 2017 - 11:34 AM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2017 - 11:34 AM

Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week he's teaching us about BTS' Suga and sharing your K-Pop opinions...

BTS' Suga is a huge success. Since he helps compose and produce the band's songs, it’s safe to say he’s pretty talented.

Let’s get to know more about Min Yoon Gi (also known as Suga):

1. He got the name Suga from Big Hit’s CEO due to his smile, because when he smiled it was sweet like sugar.

2. Suga was given the nickname ‘Motionless Min’ because on his days off he loves to sleep and not do much else (we’re not so different you and I).

3. If he had to choose another BTS member to date, he’d choose Jin (someone is already writing fanfics about this haha).

4. He dislikes going to places that have a lot of people.

5. When he was asked what he would steal if he could steal anything from the members, he said it would be Jungkook’s age.

6. He is huge fan of basketball and used to play it every Sunday when he was a trainee.

7. He said his 'ideal type' is a girl that likes hip-hop music and who owns fancy headphones (ladies time to hit up the local electronic store haha).

8. He likes to eat meat, meat again and you guessed it; meat (he loves it)!

9. When asked what animal Suga could be compared to, Jungkook said a ‘Turtle.’ 

K-Pop Opinion

Every week I ask fans on my Facebook page KPOPJOE certain questions to get their opinions. This week I asked:

Who is your favourite maknae and why?

Here are the top comments:

“Jungkook from BTS because he is good at singing, dancing, rapping and sports. Just anything he does is so perfect. He cares about his members and fans because they have been there and raised him since debut. He is really passionate about singing and I love the fact that he constantly tries to improve everyday despite him already doing incredibly amazing.” - Donaji Conde Lorenzo

“Seungri of BIGBAN because he's so sweet to his hyungs. Naughty but sweet. His naughtiness is always above the YG Family average and his voice is just so ugh. Everybody knows how talented and hardworking Seungri is. ILY Seungri Pandaaaa.” - Maria Aclao

“SHINee's Lee Taemin. He's been my role model for so long because what's inspiring about him is that he wasn't born with talent like many other idols but put raw hard work into everything he does to get where he is. Actual blood, sweat & tears. He went from having almost no lines and being called tone deaf to becoming one of the best solo artists out there. And of course we can't forget that he's the king of dance in the k-pop world that other idols look up to as well. Everyone else in the K-Entertainment world seems to adore him too. And all that aside he still remains humble and goofy as hell.)” - Frankie Nguyen

Who is your favourite maknae?

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