It looks pretty legit so welcome to Instagram, PSY (if it is really you)!
27 Apr 2017 - 11:06 AM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2017 - 11:06 AM

One of the must haves for any K-pop star is an Instagram account - how else are we meant to keep up with their day to day going ons? - and it appears that PSY may or may not have finally taken the plunge and got himself a profile!

A new Instagram account by the name of 42psy42 has just popped up, along with one post of a goofy cartoon picture of PSY and a bunch of related hashtags, such as #ThisIsPSY and #StartInstagram

This looks pretty legit if we're honest, but we're not 100% sure just yet. At least until that little blue tick appears next to the profile name.

Having said that though, the Instagram profile has been racking up followers in the hours its been active and is currently sitting on a touch over 18,000 followers (and counting). Perhaps most notably, WINNER's Seungyoon also gave a shout-out to PSY's (presumed) Instagram account by posting up a screenshot of the profile, which has him as the account's first ever follower.

What do you think, PopAsians, is this PSY's account?


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