And it's all thanks to Produce 101!
10 May 2017 - 11:53 AM  UPDATED 10 May 2017 - 11:53 AM

NU'EST are one of the more high-profile contestants in season 2 of Produce 101, despite having debuted back in 2012. While the winners of the show have yet to be announced, it appears that NU'EST's appearance on the show has already paid off big time!

Despite releasing their most recent album "Canvas" way back in August 2016, the exposure from NU'EST's appearance on Produce 101 has resulted in the album (and some of the group's older albums) to re-enter various Korean music charts. 

Over on the best-selling physical albums chart on HANTEO, NU'EST have re-entered the chart at No.5, No.9, and No.14 with "Canvas," "Q Is" and "Action" respectively.

That only scratches the surface as NU'EST managed to do even better on the Yes24 chart, coming in at No.7, No.12, No.14, No.25, and No.27.

And finally, the boys have also hit it big on the Melon charts, coming in at No.12 on the Korean Male Group chart, as well as coming in at No.39 on Melon's Top 100 Popular Artists.

Not only have NU'EST managed to re-enter various music charts, but fans have also reported that the group's albums are sold out on a number of K-pop sites, such as YesAsia and KpopMart.


Keep up the hard work, NU'EST, we are behind you all the way!


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