He was in PSY’s "Gangnam Style" MV.
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Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week he's teaching us about Yoo Jae Suk and sharing your K-Pop opinions...

He's a very well-known comedian, host and television personality in South Korea and has been recognised for his wit and funny personality. He's also hosted the popular South Korean show, Infinite Challenge, but what else do you know about Yoo Jae Suk

Let’s find out more together!

1. He wasn’t popular for nine years. He participated on different shows as a gag-man but it took him a while to succeed in becoming the nations MC (Never give up on your dreams)!

2. Yoo Jae Suk was in PSY’s "Gangnam Style" music video. He appears in a yellow suit with a wig and glasses, challenging PSY to a dance off.

3. He is known as a grasshopper because he wore a grasshopper costume during his early days and has embraced it, creating a dance, and a song called "Grasshopper World." 

4. Yoo Jae Suk loves to create characters on shows. On Running Man he made 'The Monday Couple' (Gary and Ji Hyo), 'Giraffe' (Lee Kwang Soo) and 'Yooruce Willis' (Bruce Willis) for himself just to name a few.

5. He met his wife while filming Infinite Challenge. He asked her out and she accepted but it was actually her who asked to get his phone number first. (She’s a keeper! Haha)

6. He doesn’t go out too often. Due to his immense popularity Yoo Jae Suk likes to stay home with his family when he isn’t on set filming his shows.

7. Yoo Jae Suk has practiced and performed with EXO creating the single "Dancing King." While it was for an Infinite Challenge shoot the song is actually pretty good and can be seen on SM Entertainments channel.

8. He is known for his charitable acts and has always had a positive image in the public, being a role model for countless entertainers in the industry.

9. Kim Jong Kook sang at Yoo Jae Suk’s wedding (Aww! Bromance).

K-Pop Opinion

Every week on my Facebook page KPOPOJOE I ask fans their opinions. This week I asked:

Who is your ultimate bias wrecker and why?

Here are the top comments:

“Jackson of GOT7. OMG, I was all fine and happy loving JB's beautiful face and voice, when this magical idiot comes out of nowhere being extra and fangirling at Gayeon on roommate like stop no why, why are you so handsome, adorable, kind, a giant derp and a magical idiot?? And that was it, he became my ultimate bias lol” - Samantha Wiebe.

“Chanyeol of EXO. He can rap, can sing, compose songs and in concerts, he's so good at fan service he literally wreck my bias lists.” - 박깅추

“BTS’ Taehyung. He has charms that I really love. Maybe my ideal type of guy that doesn't know how to cook. He isn't choosy and that's what I like about him. He has the personality and looks every kind of girl dreamed of.” - Valerie Joy Moises

“My ultimate bias is BAPs Yongguk because he has such a kind heart. He donates to charities and has sponsored children to help them. He appreciates various types of art and is such an old soul. I love that he makes music about society, poverty, and recently mental illness (Wake Me Up).” - Natalie Lopez

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Jack Black to appear on “Infinite Challenge”
Jack Black to appear on "Infinite Challenge"