Kicking, fighting and sass abounds in KBS’ new drama!
29 May 2017 - 4:25 PM  UPDATED 29 May 2017 - 4:25 PM

While most dramas might tend to show something that’s closer to an idealised picture of reality, Fight For My Way gives us a fresh new take on the struggles of normality. Starring Park Seo Joon (Hwarang, She Was Pretty) and Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun, Heirs), this drama follows a group of friends whose lives have not turned out the way they were expecting. Equal parts hilarious, sentimental and sweet, this drama is off to a good start for a whole host of reasons.

Ae Ra’s sass is something to aspire to

It’s only been two episodes but I’m already in awe of the sass coming from Kim Ji Won’s character Ae Ra. Kim Ji Won is no stranger to playing sassy, snob queens, but in this drama her sass is directed to all those who deserve it, and it's understandably glorious. Not only is she able to make grown men (who think their connections can get them anything in the world) tremble with one glare, but she’s also able to, simultaneously prevent her friend from being locked up in jail AND remind the awful characters of just how in the wrong they are. Goals, ammiright?  

How Ae Ra and Dong Man care for each other is so sweet

Although Ae Ra and Dong Man's relationship hasn't turned romantic (yet - though it definitely will), the friendship between them is the sweetest. This drama does a wonderful job of developing the long history they've shared – everything from Ae Ra cheering Dong Man on as kids, to their time with awkward haircuts in high school. It’s so funny seeing how they haven’t really changed and continue to always bicker or fight with each other, I’m talking head locks and jabbing galore. However, at the heart of their relationship they deeply care for each other; Dong Man goes to Ae Ra as soon as he figures out that she’s upset, and Ae Ra will do whatever she can to cheer Dong Man up.



They poke fun at all the haters

There’s no shortage of haters for either of the main characters, but according to this drama that’s cool. If the drama's title wasn’t enough of an indication, there’s a lot of fighting against these haters in the first two episodes. Whether it’s someone from high school who’s trying to not-so-subtly brag about how well they’re doing to make themselves feel better, or even just a random stranger who is looking down on you, this drama is telling us to ignore them because they’re not worth our time.

Their lives are so tragic it’s sometimes funny

Fight For My Way  is the epitome of all those moments when you wonder if life could get any worse, and it actually does get worse. But of course since this is the realm of dramas, ‘life getting worse’ actually translates into scenarios occurring that make it look like the universe thinks your life is a joke. Ae Ra handles most of this tragic-ness, and the whole first episode ise devoted to proving just how ironically crappy her life is. You’ll see what I’m talking about soon enough (hint: it involves a cheating boyfriend).

No matter what, they don’t let life get them down

At the core of this show is a sense of determination - don't let life get you down. Despite all the crappy things that happen to them, whether it be their heels breaking (on multiple occasions) or being told that they’re useless, the characters put on a brave face and tackle life’s challenges with sass and the occasional flying kick. The characters all have dreams that have been left unfulfilled for various reasons, something most of us can probably relate to. It will be both comforting and inspiring to see how they go about overcoming all their obstacles to make their dreams a reality throughout the drama. Hwaiting!

Fight For My Way airs every Monday and Tuesday (Tuesday and Wednesday for those of us who need subs). 

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