The outfit-sporting rockers have a busy summer ahead of them.
30 May 2017 - 2:45 PM  UPDATED 30 May 2017 - 2:46 PM

Not to play the role of manager here, but BAND-MAID kinda missed a golden opportunity earlier this month. May 10 was “maid’s day” in Japan (there probably isn't any government organization keeping track of these quote-unquote holidays, but roll with it) and the workers of the world (who wear maid uniforms) could have used a soaring power ballad to get their spirits up. That’s what the five-piece band deliver in “Daydreaming,” released a few weeks afterwards. Oh well, fans can just call whatever day “maid day” with this.

BAND-MAID’s latest single, set to be released on July 19, is a chugging rock number that shows the group at their most dramatic. “Daydreaming” starts off slow, letting every word hang over the guitar melodies and drum hits, squeezing them for every emotion they can. Then the chorus arrives and everything turns skyward, the singing and guitars picking up intensity. And eventually, a big, finger-destroying guitar solo rears up, adding the final big push to a song that’s already shooting for arena-sway-along status.

The video (above) isn’t quite as dramatic as the song — it is just footage of the group rocking out outdoors and through some sort of filter that makes them look slightly smudgy. But, a good counter argument to that is the simplicity of the video actually puts the emphasis on the music, showing that BAND-MAID doesn’t need the usual assortment of wacky visuals J-Pop groups sometimes rely on to get attention. Either way, the song delivers, and that’s probably all that matters.

BAND-MAID have a busy summer ahead of them. They are wrapping up a solo tour of Japan, will play the popular Summer Sonic music festival in August, before then heading over to San Francisco for the J-Pop Summit. And, of course, there's putting out the new single in July.


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