It took the guy 2 YEARS to realise he had his photo taken by members of EXO and SHINee!
2 Jun 2017 - 1:05 PM  UPDATED 2 Jun 2017 - 1:08 PM

Two years ago, EXO's Suho and SHINee's Minho flew over to India for their hilarious variety show "Exciting India," where they got up to various shenanigans. One of the most memorable moments in the show was during their stop in Mumbai, where the duo was tasked with seeing if the Indian public would recognise them as K-pop stars. Not only did no one have a clue who they were, a bystander actually asked Suho and Minho to take a photo of him and his family (which the duo happily obliged), all while not knowing he was chatting to 2 big-name K-pop idols.

Well, after 2 years, the man who asked the boys for a photo has finally realised who they were!

The man in question is a doctor named Ronak Arora, and he revealed to Buzzfeed that he happened to be in Mumbai on holiday at the same time as Suho and Minho. Not only did he have no knowledge of K-pop at the time, he was simply looking for someone to take a photo of him and that was when he noticed Suho and Minho (and a heap of equipment).

It was a pleasant moment for everyone; Suho and Minho got to goof around while hanging out with the locals, and Ronak Arora got his photos (he thought they were pretty decent!) and a very positive impression of the two.

Ever since he found out who EXO and SHINee were, the doctor has been brushing up on his K-pop and he thinks the two groups are wonderful. The best part about all this? Ronak Arora (re)discovered Suho just in time to wish him a big happy birthday!

Needless to say, K-pop fans found this to be sweet and incredibly hilarious:

As for that hilariously oblivious moment, you can check it out in its full glory right here:


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