Happy birthday to TWICE's tall maknae!
14 Jun 2017 - 9:58 AM  UPDATED 14 Jun 2017 - 9:58 AM

Today is a special birthday for TWICE's cute maknae, Tzuyu, who turns 18 (19 in Korean age)! To mark her special day, here are 18 fun facts about her.

1. She was born in Tainan, Taiwan.

2. Her favourite ice-cream flavour is Cookies'n'Cream.

3. Prior to her debut, she appeared in the music videos for GOT7's "Stop Stop It" and Miss A's "Only You."


4. She is the tallest member in TWICE.

5. She confessed she's a huge fan of Sistar, especially Hyorin.

Tzuyu commented about Sistar's disbandment on V-live saying, “Sistar’s fans must feel very sad, and I am sad too. I respect them so much. I'm so thankful for them.”

6. When she sleeps, she sometimes puckers her lips like she's kissing someone.

We wonder who she's dreaming of!



7. She admitted she's faked being sick before, to skip school.

I think we've all done that at one stage!

8. When Tzuyu went back to Taiwan to take her middle school graduation exam, she signed her school desk.

The principal even put the desk on display and cordoned it off.


9. She loves dogs and has a family dog called Gucci.


10. She can imitate Yoda from Star Wars. Hence, her popular nickname, "Yoda."

11. She can move her ears at will.

12. She can flip her tongue and turn her hands around in a full circle.


13. Her older brother used to call her "chocolate" when she was young due to her tanned skin. 

14. Her accidental hair flick while shooting an arrow at the Idol Athletics Championships went viral.

Although she missed the shot, she looked beautiful doing it.


15. While filming TWICE's music video in Jeju Island, Tzuyu cried when saying goodbye to the rabbits she played with.

She got so attached to them, and the members were surprised because Tzuyu is not the type to cry easily; she didn't even cry when TWICE got their first number one. 

16. She learned how to skateboard for a commercial.

It even inspired a fan-made mobile game called "Tzuyu Skate Twice!"

17. Being an early riser, she's usually the first to wake up.

18. She was originally eliminated on JYP's reality survival show, "SIXTEEN."

However, JYP decided to add her to TWICE's final line-up due to audience and viewer votes. We're glad he did!

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