G-Dragon has since responded to the reaction behind releasing his album on a USB.
16 Jun 2017 - 10:43 AM  UPDATED 16 Jun 2017 - 11:02 AM

G-Dragon shook up the K-pop world last week when he released his new solo album "Kwon Ji Yong" on a USB rather than a CD, which resulted in debates over what constitutes as an "album." However, fans have other issues with the BIGBANG leader releasing his new album on a USB - the red colouring on the USB reportedly comes off far too easily.

A fan recently shared some photos of their "Kwon Ji Yong" USB on Instagram, which shows that the red colouring on the USB comes off after wiping it with a wet cloth and revealing a metallic covering underneath.

Upon sharing this information with the community, many fans took to the online forums to express their thoughts on the quality of G-Dragon's USB album:

  • WTF is this? this is so low yikes..

    So there is no red paint
    You have 2 admit..
    This album is indeed serving Teas..
    Embarrassing one..

  • I don't like this
  • Is it gonna rust now?
  • They saved money by using marker.
  • ....seriously.....wow between this and the USB don't even have songs in it 
  • the writing on it is actually from a note his mother wrote when he was born so it kinda make sense
    but maybe yg just used cheap material idk
    it looks prettier in red tho

YG Entertainment has since responded to the response towards G-Dragon's USB, stating that the paint is coming off due the its hand-painted vintage appearance and that the company had issued out warnings beforehand that the paint could come off the USB.

In response to all the reaction towards releasing his new album on a USB rather than a CD, G-Dragon took to his Instagram to explain his reasons:

Here's a translation of G-Dragon's message:

"What's the problem? Is it really it if someone who I don't even know decides that an artist's product is not an album or not? Of course there are ups and downs of such a decision through basic reasoning, but [music storage] has changed from tapes to CDs to downloaded files... Even now, everything is changing on the outside. However, isn't the important thing the melody that won't change even after time has passed, that will stay in the ears and mouths of people, and stay as memory in their heads, as well as lyrics that comfort people and let them have fun or be sad together?"


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