Who do you think is leading the way? Hint, he just released a brand new solo album!
16 Jun 2017 - 12:24 PM  UPDATED 16 Jun 2017 - 12:24 PM

It goes without saying that a number of big-name K-pop stars Korean actors have massive followings on various social media platforms, but here's a big question - who are the most followed K-pop stars, actors, and celebrities on Instagram?

Well we've done some digging and number crunching, and here are the top 20 most followed K-pop stars and Korean celebrities on Instagram. Are you following them?

20. Lee Minho - 6 million

19. CL - 6 million

18. Sandara Park - 6 million

17. Miss A's Suzy - 6.2 million

16. Jessica Jung - 6.2 million

15. GOT7's Jackson - 6.3 million

14. Girls' Generation's YoonA - 6.3 million

13. BIGBANG's Seungri - 6.4 million

12. Lee Sung Kyung - 6.6 million

11. EXO's Lay - 6.6 million

10. Park Shin Hye - 6.7 million

9. Nam Joo Hyuk - 7.2 million

8. BIGBANG's Taeyang - 7.3 million

7. BIGBANG's T.O.P - 8.1 million

6. Lee Jong Suk - 9 million

5. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon - 9.8 million

4. EXO's Baekhyun - 9.8 million

3. EXO's Sehun - 10 million

2. EXO's Chanyeol - 11 million

1. BIGBANG's G-Dragon - 14.3 million


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