MAMAMOO's new pre-release MV has resulted in a debate among netizens.
22 Jun 2017 - 10:26 AM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2017 - 10:33 AM

In preparation of their comeback tonight (June 22), MAMAMOO released a special pre-release MV for a new B-side track titled "Aze Gag." However, netizens noticed that the video contains references to Indian culture and were quick to share their thoughts in the video comments and in the forums about how MAMAMOO were appropriating Indian culture.

Netizens noticed that the MV contained scenes where each MAMAMOO member were wearing bindis, as well as the noting that the lyrics contained references about Buddha and Tilaka. The group's agency, Rainbow Bridge World, quickly responded by taking down the original MV and re-uploading an edited version with the bindi scenes omitted.

Despite the new video, netizens still had much to say about MAMAMOO's MV in the YouTube comment section:

  • Lmao do u guys know that English people who visit India often wear bindi coz they like it but none of the Indians ever criticized them for that . As an Indian myself I do not see why this has to offend anyone . U guys really get offended by anything and everything . People really need to grow up
  • I'm an actual Indian and I really don't get what the fuss is about!! I mean we Indians love it when others embrace our culture so why the fuss?
  • I was literally so happy and laughing as I watched the MV. They are so talented and amazing. But the comments just killed that vibe. What I can't get is people taking offense in our place. WEARING A BINDI IS OKAY! I'm an Indian and Solar is a Buddhist. There's nothing wrong with wearing a bindi even if she wasn't! 
  • I am also a Buddhist, but they did't have any sense of irony or disrespect, so I didn't feel discomfort, I believe that because the lyrics mentioned "Buddha" word, so the director has this arrangement.

Some netizens also took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on MAMAMOO's new MV:


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