From BAND-MAID and Maison book girl!
27 Jun 2017 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 27 Jun 2017 - 11:26 AM

Today, enjoy a double serving of unique J-pop groups. Although they don’t have a lot in common sonically, both represent intriguing styles fronted by women, the pair capable of being linked to idol music but feeling like a step ahead of the field. So for Tuesday, here’s a high-energy set of songs.

The first comes courtesy of BAND-MAID. Their new single “Daydreaming” comes out on July 19, although the hard-rocking quartet already shared the video for that dramatic number last month. They aren’t content to just offer listeners the A-side, as yesterday they revealed the clip for “Choose Me,” another song included on the forthcoming release. Where “Daydreaming” aims for something borderline cinematic, “Choose Me” is pure frantic rush; the group barrels ahead, punctuated by the speedy vocals, which add a sense of urgency to the music. The video is simplistic, BAND-MAID simply playing in a bare-bones room, yet it works well with a song that highlights the band’s most straightforward elements. Watch the group chug along below:

On the other side, there’s Maison book girl, a more traditionally structured pop outfit (which is to say, they sing and dance, and don’t play instruments). The group features a member of the harsh, aggressive idol trailblazers BiS, but rather than try to recreate their metal-derived sound, this unit embraced a very different sound palette which has formed the backbone of all their songs. They feature a mix of woodblock percussion, horns and other instruments that don’t pop up in contemporary J-pop, to create a sound all their own. What’s impressive about them is, despite going to this all the time, they tend to find new angles on these elements, and have been on a particularly hot streak in 2017.

“Rooms” comes from their forthcoming second major-label single, out on (this looks familiar) July 19. It’s a good gateway into what they do; the song is loaded up with handclaps, harp plucks and slightly downcast singing. Yet the way everything gets jumbled together keeps the song on its toes, and it makes the hook - featuring a lot of space - all the more striking. Enter into their world below:

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