With Luhan being the face of KFC, picking out a fave fast food place is going to be so hard now...
29 Jun 2017 - 12:59 PM  UPDATED 29 Jun 2017 - 12:59 PM

Actor, singer, dancer, Vin Diesel's new BFF, Kris Wu has a number of monikers that he goes by. Now we can add one more to his growing list of names - McDonalds ambassador!

In a new announcement on McDonalds China's Weibo page, Kris Wu has been named as the fast food titan's China ambassador. Aside from being the face of Big Macs in the country, this announcement is particularly noteworthy as McDonalds China hasn't appointed a celebrity ambassador in 12 years since retired NBA player Yao Ming was given the nod.

While news of Kris Wu's new role is recent, it appears that fans have taken to this announcement quite positively. During the filming of a new McDonalds China commerical, large crowds started gathering in order to catch a glimpse of Kris Wu as he sinks his teeth into a Big Mac for the camera.

This means that we can say these words and it will make perfect sense now - Kris Wu is lovin' it!

With Luhan being the face of KFC, picking out a fave fast food place is going to be so hard now...


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