In 2006, she was the highest paid female singer in South Korea.
30 Jun 2017 - 3:49 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2017 - 4:06 PM

The sexy queen is back! Legendary idol Hyori is making her long-awaited music comeback. To celebrate her return to the entertainment scene after a two-year hiatus, here are some fun facts about her! 

1. She performed at the Sydney Opera House for the 2004 Korean Music Festival, alongside other artists such as BoA and Shinhwa.

2. She was born in 1979 and is 38 years old. 

3. She loves Yoga and has amazing flexibility. 

4. In 2006, she was the highest paid female singer in South Korea with a 2.2 billion won contract with Mnet Media (approx. AUD $2.5million a year). Ka-ching!

5. Before she debuted as the leader of iconic group Fin.K.L in 1998 under DSP Media, she was a trainee under SM Entertainment.

6. She's close friends with Shinhwa, aka the longest-running Korean boyband. Fin.K.L debuted only two months after them and she already knew them from her SM trainee days.

She even filmed a phone commercial with Shinhwa's leader Eric in Brisbane, Australia. 

7. Her former backup dancers include Monsta X's Shownu and Madtown's Jota.


8. She bought her wedding dress for under $150. 

9. She and her husband Lee Sang-soon have a reality show called "Hyori's Homestay," where they welcome guests to their home in Jeju Island. IU currently features on the show as a part-time worker.


Hyori will be dropping her new album, titled "Seoul," on July 4. Can. not. wait. 


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