Netizens aren't too happy with the Apink member's use of blackface during her recent SNL Korea skit.
3 Jul 2017 - 10:40 AM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2017 - 10:40 AM

Apink made an exciting appearance on the recent July 1 episode of SNL Korea, but one of the show's skits featuring member Bomi has caused a wave of backlash among fans and viewers.

The skit involved live-action character reenactments of the Korean cartoon Dooly - The Little Dinosaur, and one of the characters was an aspiring singer named Michol who idolised Michael Jackson. Bomi wore blackface make-up in order to portray the character, but this resulted in netizens and viewers criticising SNL Korea and the Apink member for using blackface for entertainment. 

Here are some of the critical comments left by netizens in regards to the recent SNL Korea skit:

  • "I can't believe Bomi just did blackface..."
  • "What are you doing Bomi, A Pink doing blackface now"
  • "SNL will never learn...this offends and ridicules a group of people"
  • "yes.. snl is a freaking mess"
  • "It's really not funny, i expected more from Bomi, really disappointing" 

Having said that, there are a number of netizens defending Bomi for her part in the SNL Korea skit:

  • "It's not blackface , stop trying to find stuff were there is nothing , it's a cosplay"
  • "Idk what " this " is since idk the context , but literally she has the picture of the character next to her"
  • "Tbh I don't know how cosplay in general work , but is seems to me from a few google searches that it is kind of the norm to paint yourself a bit , And let's be honest she didn't overdo it like just a little bit"

Here is the SNL Korea Dooly - The Little Dinosaur skit in question:


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