The Super Junior posted up an explanation article on his Instagram.
11 Jul 2017 - 9:50 AM  UPDATED 11 Jul 2017 - 9:50 AM

Following the recent controversy surrounding his participation with Super Junior's upcoming comeback, and his subsequent withdrawal from all activities after a fan boycott, Sungmin has indirectly addressed the various rumours that have been directed at him.

In a new post on his Instagram, Sungmin shared an article from Star News that outlines and explains the 5 outstanding rumours against him.

Here are the rumours and follow-up explanations:

Rumour 1: Sungmin blacklisted the term “Korean fan” from his personal blog, blocking Korean fans from communicating with him.

Explanation: The argument against this is that the idol never blocked Korean fans from his blog and he doesn’t even know how to blacklist words from his blog. He simply deleted a few malicious comments that happened to be written by Korean fans. Upon seeing these comments being deleted, some fans began spreading the rumor that Sungmin had blacklisted the term “Korean fan” from his blog.


Rumour 2: Sungmin asked a fan to create a celebratory video for him to use during his marriage to Kim Sa Eun in December 2014, thus, the singer was accused of asking fans to create videos for personal purposes.

Explanation: Sungmin did not ask the fan to edit the video but simply asked for the full video. Fans often gift their favorite artists with videos of their concerts for purposes like monitoring their performances. Sungmin asked the fan for permission to use their video in advance, and they happily allowed him to use the full version of the video. Sungmin edited the video himself for his wedding, therefore he never asked the fan to edit the video for him. There were two videos that were used in his wedding; one was created by him and the other was created by fellow Super Junior member Shindong.


Rumour 3: Sungmin asked Leeteuk if he could get married while the Super Junior leader was mourning his father’s death. In January 2014, Leeteuk lost his father and there were rumours that Sungmin approached him and kept asking him if he would give his blessings to Sungmin’s marriage to Kim Sa Eun.

Explanation: Sungmin went to the funeral parlor to comfort Leeteuk, but did not bring up anything about getting married. Leeteuk lost his father in early January, and Sungmin first brought up his plans to get married around five months later to the other members of Super Junior. The dates don’t match up.


Rumour 4: After announcing his plans to get married, Sungmin did not fully commit to Super Junior’s group activities. Rumours surfaced that instead of focusing on rehearsing and preparing for Super Junior’s Japanese tour, Sungmin went on public dates with Kim Sa Eun. There were also rumours claiming that he set his wedding date on the same day that he first met Kim Sa Eun, despite conflicting concert dates.

Explanation: Sungmin has never skipped a rehearsal or missed a concert because of his wedding plans. He fully committed to all of the rehearsal hours and concerts that were scheduled. The date that Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun first met and the date they got married are not the same.


Rumour 5: Sungmin silenced fans’ calls for feedback during his wedding plans.

Explanation: Sungmin wanted to communicate with fans as soon as he could, but he was obligated to work with other involved parties, including his agency, to decide on the method and contents of his official announcement. It was during this process that the news articles were published before he could get an announcement out.


Ever since it was announced that Super Junior would make a comeback later this year, some fans have been opposed to Sungmin's participation. Sungmin has since apologised to fans on his Instagram and his agency, Label SJ, has released an official statement addressing the matter.

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