There's professionalism and then there's K-pop idol professionalism!
12 Jul 2017 - 2:35 PM  UPDATED 28 Nov 2017 - 2:19 PM

K-pop idols perform at a very high intensity whenever they hit the stage, and unfortunately, this can occasionally lead to injury. However, this didn't stop some idols from being the professionals that they are and they carried on despite being injured.

So without further ado, here are 7 K-pop idols who continued performing on like professionals despite being injured.

7. G-Dragon

During G-Dragon's recent solo concerts in Seoul, a hole had appeared on the stage floor due to some covering being knocked loose. Since the BIGBANG leader was in the middle of a performance, he didn't notice until too late and fell through this hole in the floor.

Aside from a quick scare, some small scratches, and a slightly bruised ego, G-Dragon was perfectly fine to continue on with his concert!

6. Stellar's Gayoung

Fans were worried when Stellar's leader stepped out onstage at the 2016 DMC Festival while wearing a neck brace. But after reassuring everyone she is fine, Gayoung proceeded to perform flawlessly despite the cast.

5. BTS' Jungkook

During a performance of "Blood, Sweat, & Tears," Jungkook accidentally cut his hand and blood was noticeably visible as he was dancing. However, while the fans noticed, he certainly didn't as he finished BTS' performance with aplomb. 

4. f(x)'s Amber 

Having injured her ankle during practice, Amber was unable to do any dancing for f(x)'s performances of "Nu Abo" on the various music shows. But being the pro she is, Amber turned up and performed anyway, all while seated on a stool.

3. EXO's Kai

Kai has had an unfortunate history with ankle injuries, and it sadly flared up part way through EXO's concert series in 2016. However, he didn't let this get to him as he got up onstage and performed alongside his members, ankle cast and all.

2. GFriend's SinB

GFriend is known for their sweeping dance choreography, and unfortunately for SinB, this caught up to her during a performance of "Navillera." Mid-way through the song, SinB noticeably hurt her shoulder but she didn't let that stop the group's performance, managing to tough it out right to the end.

1. SHINee's Taemin 

SHINee's first ever performance at the Tokyo Dome was by all accounts a big success, but there was a moment where things got slightly hairy when Taemin suddenly got hit with a case of leg cramps during "Your Number." After bravely soldiering on with the song, Taemin was quickly treated and returned back onstage to finish off the concert.


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