Over 14,000 BLINKS and all the Japanese media turned up to see Black Pink!
21 Jul 2017 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 21 Jul 2017 - 11:59 AM

After months of anticipation, Black Pink held their debut Japanese show case in Tokyo's 14,000 capacity Nippon Budokan arena, and it was nothing short of a bonafide success!

Demand for Black Pink's debut showcase was overwhelming right from the beginning, with a reported 200,000 requests for tickets received and all 14,000 available seats sold out with many prominent Japanese media outlets in attendance. As for the showcase itself, it was a visual extravaganza featuring some incredible production design and a 360 degree moving stage.

The girls performed all their big hits, such as "Boombayah" and "As If It's Your Last," as well as their share of goofy shenanigans, all of which pleased the Japanese fans to no end. It was an incredible debut showcase from Black Pink, which came with an awesome "Pink Ocean" from the fans, and everyone took to various social media platforms to show their love for the girls (as well as highlights from the event):

A huge congrats to Black Pink for their mega-successful Japanese debut!


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