And 9 other fun facts about the popular "Goblin" star!
27 Jul 2017 - 2:51 PM  UPDATED 27 Jul 2017 - 4:32 PM

Gong Yoo had his initial breakthrough role playing the male lead in the 2007 drama Coffee Prince, and after serving his mandatory military enlistment, the actor has followed this success with huge hits such as Train to Busan and Goblin.

With Gong Yoo now one of Korea's biggest superstars, let's get to know the renowned actor a little better:

1. His name actually isn’t Gong Yoo; his real name is Gong Ji-cheol. Rather than use his real name, the actor decided that he’d include both of his parents' surnames for his stage name.

2. He turned down the lead role for Desecendants of the Sun, which ultimately went to Song Joong Ki. The reason why he declined? He didn’t want to stay abroad for too long and wasn’t completely comfortable with shaving his hair! (What could have been!)

3. Gong Yoo can actually sing! He sang on the OST for his movie Finding Mr. Destiny (Is there anything he can’t do?)

4. Gong Yoo’s personal trainer used to be Dong-Seok Mawho happens to play the husband with the pregnant wife in Train to Busan!

5. Gong Yoo wasn’t a well-known actor until he starred in the drama Coffee Prince as the male lead. The drama received high ratings and earned him an excellence award at the 2007 MBC Drama Awards.

6. Things that scare him the most? Bungee jumping and amusement park rides! (I feel you on the bungee jumping)

7. He is still a coffee prince because he’s been the face of Kanu for 7 years, which is a popular a coffee brand in Korea.

8. For his role in the movie The Suspect, he performed all of his own stunts including fight scenes, rock climbing, car chases and even sky diving!

9. Gong Yoo once stated that he’d like to get married before he turns forty. He’s currently in his late thirties, so the possibility gets higher every day! (Thousands of tickets to South Korea just got sold haha) 

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