Girls' Gen are here, considering they recently made a comeback for their tenth anniversary!
11 Aug 2017 - 1:40 PM  UPDATED 11 Aug 2017 - 1:42 PM

The 'seven year curse' is known as the unfortunate year where many K-pop groups disband, or have a member leave. There are a huge number of groups who have disbanded on their seventh year including 2NE1, 4MINUTE, Rainbow and Wonder Girls; just to name a few.

Here are 16 idols groups who are still going strong after their seventh year!

1. Girls' Generation (2007 – Present)

Girls' Generation recently made a comeback for their tenth anniversary. The group debuted in 2007. They still, unfortunately, got hit with the seven year curse when Jessica left the group in 2014. Since then the group has remained as one, continuing to top charts. Very few girl groups have reached the ten-year mark, making it a momentous occasion.

2. BIGBANG (2006- Present)

BIGBANG has been around for close to 11 years. Debuting in 2006 the group quickly became a success building YG Entertainment’s reputation in the process. The group is extremely fortunate to have all their members still active.

3. Shinhwa (1998 – Current)

Shinhwa debuted under SM Entertainment in 1998 and has been around for almost 20 years. They've stayed as a complete group, with no member changes. They've released 16 studio albums with their latest "Unchanging: Touch" earlier this year selling 64,584 copies. Many idol groups look up to Shinhwa for motivation to stay as a group, knowing that it’s possible to go on for many more years.

4. Super Junior (2005 – Present)

Super Junior made their debut in 2005. The group shows no signs of slowing down even with members entering the military over the years. Like many groups who have lasted for so long, they’ve lost two members - Hangeng and Kibum - throughout their time. They’ve now been around for 12 years!

5. Brown Eyed Girls (2006 – Present)

Brown Eyed Girls debuted as a female hip-hop group in 2006 under Nega Network. The group became popular for their song "Abracadabra" in 2012. Brown Eyed Girls was the first female group to never undergo any member changes for 10 years. For their tenth anniversary, they held a concert in Los Angeles.

6. Girl's Day (2010 – Present)

Girl’s Day was formed under Dream Tea Entertainment in 2010. The group's single "Expectation" became very popular because of the suspender dance with multiple Korean variety shows making parodies, which only added to their promotions. Girl's Day are currently in their seventh year releasing their seventh mini-album Girl’s Day Everyday #5 and their future looks extremely bright.


7. SHINee (2008 – Present)

SHINee made their debut with "Relay" in 2008. With their incredible vocal ability and impeccable dance performances, they’ve remained relevant over the years which is hard to do with multiple new groups coming in each and every year. Hopefully, SHINee will be able to celebrate a tenth anniversary, it’s only one year away!


8. BEAST/HIGHLIGHT (BEAST 2009 -2016; HIGHLIGHT 2016 – Present)

BEAST was formed under Cube Entertainment in 2009. They become famous after hits such as "Shock," "Fiction" and "On Rainy Days," establishing themselves as one of Korea's top male idol groups. In 2016 Hyunseung decided to leave the group and become a solo artist while the remaining BEAST members didn't renew their contracts with CUBE, instead forming their own label called Around US Entertainment. The group couldn’t continue using the name BEAST, so created their new name HIGHLIGHT

9. FTISLAND (2007 – Present)

FTISLAND were the first rock idol group, debuting in 2007 under FNC Entertainment. The group received instant success with their first three singles topping the Korean charts. In 2009 member Oh Won-Bin left the group and was replaced by Seung-Hyun. For their tenth anniversary, they re-recorded their popular debut track "Lovesick" with Kim Na-young for their latest studio album Over 10 Years. The group now currently write and produce their own songs which just shows how much they’ve grown as artists.

10. 2PM (2008 – Present)

2PM made their debut under JYP Entertainment in 2008. The group experienced immediate success with their first studio album 01:59 PM selling over 100,000 copies. In 2009 however, Jay Park decided to leave the group. That didn’t stop 2PM’s success, being regarded as beast-like idols due to their muscular physics, which was different to the traditional flower boy style.

11. U-KISS (2008- Present)

U-KISS debuted in 2008 under NH Media. They are well-known for their popularity overseas, especially in Latin America where they've toured multiple times. The group are at their nine year mark, and are set to continue with five members, hopefully reaching their 10 year mark!

12. CNBLUE (2009 – Present)

CNBLUE was formed under FNC Entertainment in 2009. They found success immediately when their debut track "I’m a Loner" topped the charts. They have undergone one member change with original member Kwon Kwang-jin leaving and Lee Jung Shin replacing him. This year marks their eighth anniversary together and with the groups’ albums selling well in Korea and Japan, they still have a promising future.

13. A-Pink (2011 – Present)

A-Pink debuted in 2011. All the members have recently re-signed with Cube Entertainment and are set to go past their seventh year. They are one of the few groups that have avoided any dating controversy or fandom problems during their time in the spotlight. 

14. f(x) - (2009 - Present)

f(x) debuted under SM Entertainment in 2009. They are well-known for their unique concept and music style, which differentiates them from other female groups. In 2015 Sulli announced that she would be leaving the group in order to focus on acting. The group is finally set to make their long awaited comeback later this year.

15. INFINITE (2010 – Present)

INFINITE debuted in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. They became famous for their knife-life choreography while topping the charts. They are currently in their seventh year and six members recently re-signed to stay as a group while member L is still in negotiation talks. INFINITE is set to continue promotions in Japan this year and hopefully, we’ll get a Korean comeback real soon.

16. T-ARA (2009 – Present)

T-ARA made their debut with "Lie" in 2009. Hwayoung, Boram and Soyeon have all left the group but T-ARA released their last single together, "What’s My Name" with the remaining members, which topped the charts. T-ARA remain one of the best-selling female groups of all-time, selling over 36 million records during their time.

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