Number 8 is boyfriend material.
10 Aug 2017 - 3:27 PM  UPDATED 10 Aug 2017 - 3:27 PM

Lee Jong Suk made his acting debut starring in the 2005 movie Sympathy, but it was his role in the romantic drama School 2013 that catapulted him to huge fame. Since then he’s become a well-known drama prince starring in popular titles such as Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio and W.

Let’s get to know more about Lee Jong Suk!

1. When he was 15 he started working as a model, being the youngest male ever under the Seoul Collection program. (When I was 15, I didn't move from my couch haha).

2. Lee Jong Suk was a top student. He passed his entrance exam for Konkuk University being one of the 2,200 students who got accepted out of 21,268 students who applied. (He's got the looks and the brains)!

3. The reason he began acting was because of Rain. He watched the drama - starring Rain - Full House and was inspired to become an actor himself.

4. He was once a trainee at SM Entertainment and has been good friends with Girls' Generation members Hyoyeon and Yoona since their pre-debut days.

5. Lee Jong Suk tried tanning, unfortunately it failed with his skin turning red instead 

6. He starred in 2NE1’S 2009 music video ‘I Don’t Care’ playing Dara’s boyfriend.

7. His look-a-like is none other than After School’s Nana (they really do look similar)!

8. Instead of going out to nightclubs, Lee Jong Suk likes to simply spend time with friends chilling at cafes (Boyfriend material right there).

9. He has received three months of flight training and is able to actually fly a plane! (What can't he do?)

Lee Jong Suk is set to star in a new drama called While You Were Sleeping with Bae Suzy, which is set to release later this year.

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