Fans may be loving shows like "Produce 101," but production companies are not as on board.
10 Aug 2017 - 10:02 AM  UPDATED 10 Aug 2017 - 10:02 AM

With shows like "Produce 101" and "Show Me The Money" making headlines recently, idol survival shows have experienced a rapid rise in popularity with the fans over past year or so. While these idol survival shows have proved to be mega-successful, music production companies aren't as onboard with the idea as the fans.

In a new statement from the Alliance of Music Producers, which consists of the Korea Management Federation, Korea Music Content Industry Association, and the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, concerns about the rise of idol survival programs were shared, with issues such as smaller music agencies going bankrupt or gradually becoming nothing more than talent scouts for broadcasting companies.

Here's the statement from the Alliance of Music Producers:

We oppose the advancement of broadcasting companies into the management industry through idol audition programs. First of all, major firms and broadcasting companies will become completely vertically integrated. Major firms and broadcasting companies already have a vertical structure that includes control over music distribution and sale, music production, and performances, and they have recently entered the management industry as well. This causes the entire entertainment industry to become vertically integrated and creates a structure in which fair competition is impossible. We are voicing our concerns about the sudden changes that will be brought to the music industry by the vertical integration of broadcasting companies.

The competition between broadcasting companies will give rise to several problems in the management industry. Short-term management companies that create profit by signing one-year or two-year contracts with artists from TV [audition] programs have already begun to emerge. Unlike the original purpose of giving equal opportunities to various trainees, this only puts the focus on maximizing profit. Moreover, broadcasting companies will no longer be fair as they should be, and the expansion of an unfair structure will cause the music industry to shrink.

Programs of this format are the result of broadcasting companies’ attempts to break into the management industry and monopolize the entire entertainment industry. We ask broadcasting companies to join us in creating a fair industry in which we can all coexist.


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