If exercising IRL was anything like what it is in K-Dramas, we would be the kings and queens of fitness.
14 Aug 2017 - 2:26 PM  UPDATED 14 Aug 2017 - 2:26 PM

Exercising is hard. There’s no point in denying it. It’s so hard that the difficulty of motivating yourself to exercise is only comparable to getting ready to study - and that’s saying something. This isn’t to say though that exercise is something that can be neglected and ignored despite how much we wish it would cease to exist. Alas, staying healthy was never easy and so exercise remains an important part of having a healthy body.

Apparently though, exercise doesn’t always have to be a torturous activity filled with gross amounts of sweating. If you want inspiration or an image of fitness being suspiciously enjoyable, look no further than these three Korean Dramas.

1. Oh My Venus 

To be honest, this drama just wins the prize for ultimate fitspo and we probably don’t even need to mention anything else apart from this drama. Oh My Venus is a lowkey-revenge-but-more-focused-on-being-healthy drama that follows an overweight lawyer as she regains her life with the help of a mysterious celebrity personal trainer.

How could this possibly make exercise the most exciting thing you’ve ever known? Just picture this – cute kiss scenes whilst planking, cute kiss scenes whilst doing sit ups, and of course, the inescapable accidental kiss whilst wrestling. I never thought I would have said this, but Oh My Venus makes me want to do planks… 

And let’s not forget that Shin Min Ah’s character on this drama is literally our fitness spirit animal – she gets how much of a struggle exercise is too. 

If we all had exercise encouragement squads that consisted of Sung Hoon and Henry, we would all be super fit. 

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

Sure it might be hard to translate the exercise shown in this drama into your own life unless you are a serious weightlifter, but there’s still some inspiration to be taken from all the little general fitness scenes scattered here and there throughout the drama.

We see Bok Joo on her daily morning jogs with the rest of the weightlifting #squad; we see Bok Joo hike a mountain (and rather enthusiastically too); and we see Bok Joo doing ab crunches on her bed because of the advice of her doctor bae. And, well, if water sport is more up your lane there’s plenty of swimming races (and very nice abs) to get you fired up and ready to move. 

Bonus: take note everyone, the best way to get motivated for running is with a kiss.

3. Click Your Heart?  

Okay, so this is technically a web-drama and doesn’t fully qualify as your typical 60-minute drama but I still maintain that this drama has exercise-motivating power. The fact that it has some of our baes from SF9 definitely helps. Click Your Heart follows Mina (from AOA!), a girl who gains the attention and love of four really good-looking guys (she’s living the dream, am I right?) and must choose one of them.

This mini-drama actually has a really interesting format where you kind of choose your own drama, but enough of that, we’re here to talk about sport. One of the girl’s love interests is our bae Rowoon, the school’s baseball star and all-round cutie. If this isn’t already piquing your interest in baseball, maybe this picture will. Case closed. 

Good things seem to happen on baseball fields. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to head on out and get moving! And hey, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even get yourself a cutie too. 

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