The Girls' Generation leader has posted up a message for fans following the incident.
18 Aug 2017 - 9:16 AM  UPDATED 18 Aug 2017 - 9:17 AM

Taeyeon was recently at Jakarta airport with minimal security, where she was subsequently mobbed by crowds of overzealous fans.

Footage was filmed of the Girls' Generation leader trying to get through the airport with just her manager, only for fans to crowd around her trying to take photos.

The crowding eventually got out of control, resulting in airport security stepping in and helping Taeyeon leave the airport.

In response to her experience being crowded at Jakarta airport, Taeyeon posted up a message onto her Instagram about the incident and apologising to the fans who waited to see her.  

Here's a translation of Taeyeon's message:

There was such a large crowd at the airport in Jakarta that my feet became tangled up and my body was also, so it was a very dangerous situation. I actually fell to the floor, and I trembled and couldn’t stop crying.

Perhaps because I looked like I was in danger, the security guard on site came from behind me and lifted me up, which also startled me. I was anxious because of the recurring physical contact from behind me and to my sides, and I couldn’t find any order.

I am very upset because I think some of the people who were waiting for me also fell and were injured.

Also, it wouldn’t have been intentional, but there was recurring contact with parts of my body, my behind and my chest, as well as colliding and pulling… I was taken aback by that and couldn’t get ahold of myself.

That is why I couldn’t appear my best when I arrived in Jakarta for the first time in a while. I’m so sorry to the fans who waited, and please, I hope order will be kept so that we do not get hurt.

You are our fans who are the most loving and kind-hearted, and can understand each other, so I will think of today’s events as just an accident. I hope that no one is hurt.


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