Fans of heavier Japanese rock, rejoice!
29 Aug 2017 - 1:58 PM  UPDATED 29 Aug 2017 - 1:58 PM

Sometimes, it’s important to step away from the Japanese pop scene for a second and check in on the hard rock scene. This corner of the music world produces all sorts of big-time acts, and over the last decade one of the stronger entrants is coldrain.

The five-piece group from Nagoya has become one of the biggest names in the heavy music industry, appearing at huge festivals and even sharing albums internationally.

So it’s big news when they drop a new they did late last night, with “ENVY.” 

Fittingly, it’s an aggro cut anchored by guttural screams that builds up to slightly smoother choruses that give “ENVY” a pop centre surrounded by thrashing. What their latest song reminds of, is that coldrain excels at hitting the familiar tropes of harder rock. “ENVY” features all the familiar cues present in this style - screamed verses, slightly less abrasive hook, big chugging section, and capped off by a big dramatic bridge driving home the emotion guiding this number along. This isn’t about pushing anything new to the front, but rather highlighting how good they can do the familiar.

On a similar note, the video simply aims to recreate the coldrain live show, with a separate storyline weaved in for good effect, though the focus falls on the band energetically performing around a circle of geeked-out fans.

“ENVY” is the group’s first single in a year, and is the first preview of their upcoming album Fateless, which comes out on October 10. That will be their first first full-length release since 2015’s Vena. Get ready for their hard rock in about a month-and-a-half.

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