Time travel, body swaps, royal politics. We can't stop watching!
9 Sep 2017 - 6:00 AM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2017 - 6:00 AM

Chinese web-drama The Eternal Love has been our latest drama obsession. It's been generating a lot of buzz lately and already has over 1 billion views on Tencent QQLive. It's easy to see why people are addicted to it. Here are 5 reasons why we've been loving it! 

First, some background: The story revolves around the daughter of a noble family, Tan Er, who wakes up with the spirit of another girl, Xiao Tan in her body. The two souls share the same body and take turns coming out. Although it takes place in historical times, Xian Tan is from the modern world and trying to get back to her time.

To complicate matters further, Tan Er is in love with the First Prince and Xiao Tan starts having feelings for the Eighth Prince. However, the two brothers are rivals competing for the crown. 

Now back to why you NEED to have it on your drama bucket list.

1. It's fun and absolutely hilarious

Although set in historical times, the comedic timing and jokes are genius. Xiao Tan provides great comic relief with her modern Chinese slang and occasional innuendo, which often leaves the other characters befuddled. Don't be alarmed if at one stage you hear her pop out a Justin Bieber song.


2. The sizzling chemistry

The OTP main couple have an on-screen chemistry that is off the charts! This ship is sailing far across the world into the eternal afterlife (sorry First Prince). 

3. The male leads are hot (and can act)!

Can you believe that both the main male actors were born in 1997?! Xing Zhao Lin did an amazing job portraying the Eighth Prince. You wouldn't guess that it was his first lead role in a drama.

Wang Rui Chang, who plays the First Prince, also made a grand acting debut with his role. Keen to see more acting from these two talented rookies in the future!

P.S. Still can't get over Wang Rui Chang's perfectly sculpted cheekbones. Also, how good does he look as a blonde!

4. It's a web-drama.

There are 24, half-hour episodes so it's easy to watch and doesn't drag. Also, it's exempt from some of China's censorship rules such as the time travel/fantasy ban that applies to normal televised dramas. Hence there's a bit more flexibility in plot devices used and the "love" scenes shown.


5. It's low budget.

This might not seem like a good thing but you know it's a good drama when the high quality acting, directing and storyline allow you to overlook the shoddy sets and cheap props (yes, a face towel even had a tag still on it). The Thirteen Prince's overly used pink and yellow Easter chick outfit is memorable and even adds to the amusement. Gotta love a drama that doesn't take itself too seriously!

The Eternal Love is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new drama to watch. The final episode was released on August 15 so all the episodes are out now for your marathoning pleasure! Happy bingeing! 

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