"If there is one thing I learned about racism it is to try and teach instead of getting hurt and angry."
1 Sep 2017 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 1 Sep 2017 - 11:32 AM

Alex Reid has recently left K-pop girl group BP RaNia, and yesterday (August 31) she hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session online.

She titled it: "I'm Alex Reid, the first non-Asian/black woman in a K-pop group. Ask me anything!"

Her intro: "Being a black woman in a K-pop group was hard. Now that I'm no longer a member, I can answer some of your questions. I'll be here for about 1.5 hours."

She promised to answer fans questions as best she could.

Reddit user, miabean4 asked Alex if she experienced any racism while in Korea. To which Alex replied, "Yes."

She continued on to say, "If there is one thing I learned about racism it is to try and teach instead of getting hurt and angry. Before, I had no gauge on what the world knew and didn't know about right and wrong when it came to matters of race or cultural appropriation. Any racism used to just make me sad and then hostile. I can't get mad at ignorance anymore. Sometimes, people just do not know."

Read the rest of her response below:

The singer was also asked if she felt like she got much out of her experience in Korea, and if she will continue a career, or stay in Korea.

Alex said she does think she got a lot out of her experience.

She wrote, "I do. You don't always necessarily get back what you pt in in the same form. What I got was far more precious." 

Read the rest of her response below:

There were 500 comments among the Reddit AMA, so this is just a snippet of the many questions she was asked. 

Alex wrapped up by saying, "Thank you guys so much for joining me here and sending all your questions. I wish I could have answered them ALLLLL!!!! I have to go now. I am late late late for a very hot date. Let's do it again a soon."


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