"This is your generation now."
5 Sep 2017 - 1:06 PM  UPDATED 5 Sep 2017 - 1:06 PM

K-pop rock legend Seo Taiji recently celebrated the 25th year of his debut by holding an epic anniversary concert at Seoul's Olympic main stadium, where he wowed over 35,000 fans with a stunning two-and-a-half hour performance.

Out of the many highlights of the night, in which numerous artists including Crush, Heize, Suran, Younha, Eddy Kim, and Loopy & nafla all took to the stage, one particular moment stood out when BTS were invited onstage to perform with the man known as the "President of Culture" in South Korea.

BTS joined Taiji onstage for a good portion of the concert, where they served as back-up vocalists and dancers for eight songs, including the mega popular "Come Back Home." The thematic similarities between BTS and Taiji's music wasn't lost on the rock legend and partway through the show, Taiji acknowledged the group's place as K-pop's leading at, reportedly telling BTS that "this is your generation now."

Talk about giving the highest of compliments! 

Check out BTS and Seo Taiji's awesome performance of "Come Back Home" right here and let us know what you think.


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