A debate was sparked after some netizens began talking about PRISTIN's Kyla.
12 Sep 2017 - 10:55 AM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2017 - 10:55 AM

Since PRISTIN's debut back in March, member Kyla has received a considerable amount of attention from netizens for her body size. Following the group's latest comeback, a new debate among netizens was sparked again over Kyla's weight and some believe that it is time to break the stereotype of super-slim K-pop idols.

Netizens have claimed that idols should be judged based on their ability to sing and dance rather than their looks, with a number of comments saying that there's nothing wrong with how Kyla looks and that she's still only a young teenage girl.

  • Korea is too obsessed with looks... so what if an idol is chubby if she's talented?
  • Getting criticized for your weight is unavoidable. Star potential comes from your visuals but some people are able to overcome that with superior talent like Young Hyun or BMK. You never see anyone calling them pigs, do you?
  • I remember Shindong got a lot of hate too for his looks and body but he made up for it with funny dances and stuff...
  • "I mean, how skinny do you want them to be?"
  • "Our country focuses too much on looks.. So what if an idol is a bit chubby? It's ok as long as they have talent"

This argument of breaking the stereotype of super-slim K-pop idols came as a response to some comments that Kyla needed to conform to the skinny image that's common for female K-pop stars, with netizens writing things like:

  • Considering that an idol is someone who is making money off of their looks, not managing your looks means you're not fit for the job
  • If she doesn't want to be judged by the public, then don't be a celebrity.
  •  Okay that's pretty bad... a girl group member not managing her weight means she's not doing her job or taking care of herself. The whole point of her job is to be seen by the eyes of the public. She needs to quit being an idol if she can't take care of herself.
  • "As an idol, being heavy is understandable to only a certain degree but she's fat even for a non-celeb"
  • "I'm not asking you to be stick skinny. Just lose weight to the point where you'll look better."


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