They are some of the most famous people in Korea, but they go through difficult times just like everyone else.
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Mental heath is a serious issue that often isn't discussed openly. However, there have been K-pop idols who've used their platform to talk about their personal struggles in the hopes of inspiring and supporting others. Because no matter how famous they are, they go through difficult times just like everyone else.

7. BTS' Suga

Suga may be one of the most famous idols in Korea these days, but he's had his share of difficulties since his trainee days. The talented rapper and producer first spoke about his battle with depression back in 2014, saying how he was at odds with his body size and how he worked really hard to lose weight. He channeled his struggles into his music with solo mixtape Agust D, and has been outspoken since about his anxiety and depression.

6. IU

IU found fame in Korea at a very young age, and this resulted in some difficulties for the singer. During her 2014 appearance on the variety show Healing Camp, IU opened up about her struggles with her weight, saying that she struggled with an eating disorder and she would "eat until [she] threw up." She's received treatment for it and is doing much better these days.

5. Jo Kwon

On the surface, Jo Kwon may seem like the happy-go-lucky star who always brings laughter and joy to everyone around him. However, the singer has had his share of problems early in his career.

During his 2011 appearance on SBS's Good Morning, Jo Kwon revealed that he suffered depression during his eight years as a trainee at JYP. Beyond himself, he has also spoken about his family's financial difficulties during his youth, saying that money was always tight. Thanks to his hard work, he and his family are doing very well these days.

4. Miss A's Suzy

Suzy discussing her mental health proved that fame, fortune, and the love of everyone in Korea doesn't necessarily mean certain happiness. During her 2013 appearance on Healing Camp, Suzy revealed that she had suffered from depression as a result of her long schedule and that she was laughing and talking with a friend, only to suddenly start crying. 

3. Super Junior's Heechul

Heechul may be known as the comedic variety genius in Korea, but even someone as bubbly as him isn't immune to some dark times. When Hankyung left Super Junior, his departure greatly affected Heechul and it sent him into a depressive spiral where he lived in seclusion from everyone for three months. Thankfully, Heechul received a lot of support from his fellow Super Junior members and was able to overcome his difficulties.

2. After School's Lizzy

Lizzy rose to prominence as one of the fixed members of the long-running variety show Running Man when it first started, but problems arose after she left the show. In a 2013 appearance on Radio Star, Lizzy revealed that she became depressed after leaving Running Man because the media started reporting that she was never a permanent cast member but just a long-term guest. After some time away - and support from her old Running Man cast mates - Lizzy got back on her feet!

1. G-Dragon

The BIGBANG leader is one of the most charismatic and prolific artists working in K-pop today, but he's also been open about his mental health and struggling with the loneliness intense fame brings. During his 2011 appearance on Night After Night, the BIGBANG leader opened up about going through a period of depression following plagiarism accusations against his solo single "Heartbreaker." His solo release Kwon Ji Yong in 2017 delved further into his concerns of celebrity versus reality and the mental health issues that are part of being incredibly famous.

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