My heart has been twisted and broken into 100 pieces, someone hold me (Hyun Tae Woon perhaps?)
15 Sep 2017 - 12:36 PM  UPDATED 15 Sep 2017 - 12:51 PM

It seems like just yesterday that Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong was grinning her way into our hearts in the first episode of School 2017. I never thought it was possible to become this attached to a K-drama.

School 2017 had a look at issues through a school-life lens; the repercussions of highly stressful and competitive educational environments. The characters were well written, and watching them grow throughout the series made our hearts warm.

But now it’s all over. So, what are we meant to do with our lives now?

Here’s 5 ways to try and cope with the end of School 2017:

1. Give your heart a break from Hyun Tae Swooning by sleeping for a bit

In retrospect, it was obvious from the beginning of the drama that Hyun Tae Woon would be nothing but trouble for us. If a show is flaunting scenes with a hot guy hosing himself down while shirtless in the first couple of eps, it’s a sign that you’ll be using the defibrillator quite often while the drama is airing.

All this exposure to Hyun Tae Swoon cannot be healthy, so yes, rest your hearts while you can.


2. Be inspired and follow your dreams

The characters show us we don’t have to give up our dreams in the face of difficulty and injustice. If you want to go to Uni so you can pursue a college bae like Eun Ho did, go for it. If you want to become a webtoon artist, do it – there’s nothing stopping you. And if you want to be a fabulous teacher who cares about making a difference in your students’ lives (sometimes by running an insane number of laps around the oval), go and follow your dream.

3. Stand up against all the injustices in the world

School 2017 is jam-packed with so much injustice, specifically all the injustice that the youth of today face. There’s discrimination based on grades, a prevailing sense that only those with money and connections can succeed, and students used as scapegoats in order to maintain the school's image. School 2017 shows us that we must stand up against this unfairness. So, whether you see someone littering or you see someone getting bullied, stand up for what is right.

4. Watch all the cute behind the scenes videos

If you want to see more of Eun Ho and Tae Woon being super cute, watch behind the scenes clips. Treat yourself to Gugudan’s Sejeong being an absolute cutie and ray of sunshine all the time, and lots of cute little moments between Sejeong and Kim Jung Hyun (they are legit so cute together). And don’t forget to bask in the loveliness and sweetness of the friendship between all the School 2017 members (#squadgoals) 

5. Weep because it’s over and watch it all over again

Sometimes the only thing that helps relieve the pain of a good K-drama finishing is a long crying session. I’m talking tissues flying everywhere, faces turning dangerously red kind of crying. And what’s the best thing to make you feel better when crying? Re-watching School 2017 and reliving all those beautiful moments!        

Ah, K-dramas are a vicious cycle indeed.

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