What a (cheeky) coincidence, but also fitting for HIGHLIGHT (aka the artist formerly known as BEAST)!
15 Sep 2017 - 9:47 AM  UPDATED 15 Sep 2017 - 9:47 AM

After making waves with their big re-debut earlier this year, HIGHLIGHT are reportedly prepping for a big comeback very soon. On BEAST's anniversary in fact!

According to Star News, HIGHLIGHT are currently getting ready for their upcoming 3rd release this year, which will be a mini-album. The group are prepping to make their comeback on October 16th, which will coincide with the 8th anniversary of BEAST, HIGHLIGHT's original group name when they were still signed under Cube Entertainment. Having made their re-debut earlier this year with Can You Feel It? followed by the release of their repackaged album Calling You, HIGHLIGHT have had a big 2017 so far and expectations are high for their upcoming new album.

What a (cheeky) coincidence for their comeback date, but also fitting for HIGHLIGHT to come full circle like this! Are you excited for their comeback?


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