“Together, let’s make this coming year the best one possible!”
21 Sep 2017 - 10:09 AM  UPDATED 21 Sep 2017 - 10:10 AM

Namie Amuro, one of the most celebrated and best-selling Japanese pop performers in the country’s history, announced Wednesday night that she plans to officially retire on September 16, 2018.

The performer broke the news on her official website Wednesday evening. In a post written in both Japanese and English.

She say,s “I, Namie Amuro, would like to take this opportunity to inform all of my fans of my decision to retire as of September 16, 2018. I plan to make the last year of my music career meaningful by focusing my full attention on creating a final album and performing at concerts.”

Her announcement comes shortly after she celebrated her 25th anniversary since debuting as a performer. Earlier this week, Hulu announced a 12-part documentary series detailing her career, with a new installment coming out every month for one year. She also performed a special anniversary concert in her home prefecture of Okinawa this past weekend.

“I could not have gone 25 years without your support, for which I am eternally grateful,” Amuro wrote in her post.

Amuro implies that she will keep busy over the next year.

“I hope this year will be filled with wonderful memories for me and the fans together,” she wrote. “Together, let’s make this coming year the best one possible!”

Amuro debuted in 1992, originally part of the group SUPER MONKEY’S. She left the group and started a solo career that saw her become one of the '90s biggest artists, working closely with producer Tetsuya Komuro throughout the decade. She also defined fashion during this period. Her 1997 single “Can You Celebrate?” sold well over two million copies, making it one of the highest selling songs in the nation’s history (if you count only physical copies moved, it’s definitely the best-selling single from a female solo artist in J-pop history). Watch a live performance below:

Since, she’s dabbled in a wide variety of sounds, including hip-hop, R&B and recently various strains of electronic dance music. Amuro remains one of the country’s biggest music stars; her 2015 album _genic topped the Oricon charts upon its release.

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