Cute make-out sessions on the train back to Seoul and it’s only been two episodes?
28 Sep 2017 - 9:30 AM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2017 - 9:30 AM

Temperature of Love is off to a strong start!

Despite tough competition the drama has managed to get the highest number of viewership ratings for its time-slot even though it's just premiered.Temperature of Love brings us a fresh, well-paced plot, which is exactly what we needed after all the intense crime thrillers and historical political romances that 2017 has brought us.

So what stands out in Temperature of Love?

The manageable pacing of events 

This drama is quite slow so far, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Perhaps Temperature of Love feels slow because we’ve just been watching dramas filled with crazy intense supernatural plot twists or some sort of gruesome crime for the past year. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the drama is boring. Not sure how a drama that gets the two leads to kiss within the first two episodes could be anything but intense.

It feels super artsy

I’m not just talking about how visual the main leads are (although tbh they’re art). This drama has some really beautiful narration that lends an air of artful reflectiveness to the storyline. Hyun Soo’s (Seo Hyeon Jin) reflection on her, ‘first love that disappeared at the end of [her] youth’ when she runs into Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) after five years, sets the tone of the drama. It puts us all into the mood to wax poetic about the nature of love. Temperature of Love also has some super artsy slow-motion black-and-white moments, which were honestly kind of confusing the first time they happened, but are now full of meaning and feels. The black and white moments symbolise the important moments in their relationship, such as when they run to the train together.

The main leads are both so cute

What’s not to love about the two main leads in Temperature of Love? Our leading lady Hyun Soo is absolutely kooky and endearingly super weird at times. She gets distracted by the most random things, is terrible with directions (lol same guuurl) and loves ruining the romantic atmosphere by saying things like, "This is the perfect weather for murdering someone."

Jung Sun is just as cute as Hyun Soo in a I-wanna-squish-your-cheeks kind of way, but he’s also super swoon worthy so it’s like a double whammy for your heart. Though he’s the younger one in the couple (yes, that’s right, THIS IS A NOONA ROMANCE!), he often seems more mature than Hyun Soo. Does this have something to do with the fact that he says things like, "My heart is falling for you?" Probably.

… But it’s even greater seeing them together

Seeing Jung Sun’s soft gaze towards Hyun Soo does things to my heart. There were so many cute moments between them, it’s too difficult to get them all down; Jung Sun trying to motivate Hyun Soo as she struggles to keep up with the running club (I’d run for daaays if I had a motivator like Jung Sun, dayum), Hyun Soo freaking out and saying, "I was so happy I almost ran into your arms," their cute impromptu dancing at Yeouido Park, Jung Sun luring her into his house with the promise of food, and so much more. They’re just so cute together.

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