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3 Oct 2017 - 11:53 AM  UPDATED 3 Oct 2017 - 11:53 AM

Bolbbalgan4 kills all major Korean charts with “Some”

Indie K-pop duo Bolbbalgan4, or Bolbbalgan Sachungi, recently came back with their new EP "Red Diary Page.1" and it's dominating the Korean charts. Their lead track "Some" is ranking at the top of eight major charts as of Monday. Their other title track "To My Puberty," as well as the other four tracks, are all high on the rankings too, proving the band’s immense popularity as well as their ability to make hit songs.

"Some" talks about wanting to be in some kind of relationship, as ‘some’ is a neologism in Korea speaking about a complicated state between friendship and romance. "To my puberty" is a song about the pains of growing up, which many listeners are relating to.

Bolbbalgan4 debuted last year and became instantly popular, especially with their song "Galaxy," from their Red Planet album. Bolbbalgan Sachungi means 'blushing puberty'. Main vocalist, and guitar and bass player, Ahn Ji-young, and rapper and back-up vocalist, Woo Ji-yoon were high school classmates and friends. They've both been writing and composing songs for years. Ji-yoon represents the ‘blushing’ part of their group name, because of her shyness, while Ji-young portrays ‘puberty’, because she acts like an adolescent girl.

Indonesia Cover Team win '2017 K-POP World Festival' in Korea 

The biggest K-pop cover festival took place on Friday in Korea’s southern city of Changwon. There were 13 teams, from countries including the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, and Peru, who were selected through preliminary auditions, performing K-pop dances and songs. All were high in quality. No wonder, as they were among contestants from 72 countries who were evaluated at 88 South Korean overseas missions.

Indonesian team TiffaniAfifa & Alphiandi won the grand prize with a vocal act, singing to "Inferiority Complex" by Bloc B’s Park Kyung feat. GFriend’s Eunha. An Indian team received the best performance award with "Blood, Sweat & Tears" by BTS, and the best vocal award went to Singapore, with "I Will Show You" by Ailee.

The real Ailee and BTS were at the event, celebrating with special performances, along with Twice, Monsta X, NCT 127, and Astro.

The K-POP World Festival, organised by Korea’s Foreign Ministry, has been held in Changwon annually since 2011, aiming to bring Hallyu fans from all over the world to Korea and to fuse the Korean culture with various other cultures. This is why extra points are given to contestants who merge their own countries’ traditional music or instruments into their K-pop performance.

Meanwhile, the festival will be aired across the world on Korea’s KBS World on October 14.


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