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6 Oct 2017 - 6:30 AM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2017 - 6:30 AM

Just when you thought you could have some breathing space after the emotional rollercoaster of Goblin, While You Were Sleeping comes out and says, "Not Today." 

The highly anticipated drama While You Were Sleeping has finally arrived and oh boy, it far exceeds expectations. This drama could definitely be the next big thing after Goblin. I know what you’re thinking; what could possibly be better and more soul destroying than Goblin?

Here are four (mainly spoiler-free) reasons why While You Were Sleeping could just be the biggest drama of 2017...

1. The plot is mind-blowingly intense

While You Were Sleeping is not the first K-drama to deal with seeing the future, or changing timelines (Tomorrow With You anyone?). What makes this drama special though is the interesting non-linear timeline of the episode. Events don’t happen chronologically. Instead, through an interesting mix of dreams and reality we get to see what will happen, what does happen, and how what happened can change. The blur between reality and dreams is seamless, but it’s so well executed that you don’t get lost.

2. It explores what happens when you alter the future  

What happens when you alter the future is one of the underlying questions throughout the drama. Actions have consequences, and we’re already seeing how the decisions that were made in the first episode have started to affect both the leads and the characters around them.

3. The villain is so frustratingly evil

Perhaps it’s a sign of how masochistic K-drama fans are, but we love it when there’s a high-quality, grade-A terrible human being of a villain that we can direct all our anger at. While You Were Sleeping has definitely delivered on that. The star villain of this drama is Lee Yoo Beom, and the reason he is so evil is because you just would never suspect it. On the surface he looks like such a nice guy; he’s smart, good-looking, well-liked by his colleagues, heck he looks like he could be the male lead of a K-drama. But alas, beneath it all he’s a snake that will make you want to punch the screen every time he appears. Just watch episode one, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

4. It’s almost impossible to not love the main characters

I guess this is what happens when you put Lee Jong Suk and Suzy into a K-drama together; more feels than we can handle and superbly portrayed complex characters that steal our hearts straight away. Characters in this series are more than what they appear to be. Let’s start with Hong Joo (Suzy). She seems slightly crazy, and definitely a bit weird, but underneath she’s a hardened individual trying to cope with having to watch people die in her dreams and seeing them play out in real life. Despite all this cruddy stuff and her failed attempts to save people from the fate she sees in her dreams, Hong Joo still keeps trying to help people out. Also, let’s not forget how absolutely adorable she is (where can I get glasses like hers?).

Oh boy, Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) is here to slay us all. Do all prosecutors look so cute? Because if they do I want to change my degree. But Jae Chan is more than just a good-looking newbie prosecutor. Though he appears to be egotistical, a bit narcissistic, kind of dim-witted and lacking in workplace etiquette, he’s actually much more of a smart cookie than he lets on. Here’s to hoping he can put his intelligence to good work, and that people start appreciating him more. 

There’s so much left to be answered. Why do these dreams occur? What will happen as a result of their meddling with the future? And how are Hong Joo and (name) connected? 

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