But Australia is still on the cards right, BTS?
16 Oct 2017 - 10:04 AM  UPDATED 16 Oct 2017 - 10:04 AM

From having their new album Love Yourself 'Her' hit new heights on the Billboard charts to recently having a sold-out U.S tour, goes without saying that BTS is rapidly rising in popularity in America. But if the recent words of Rap Monster are to be believed, U.S fans may not see the boys for quite some time!

In a new interview video with Ask Anything Chat, fans sent through a number of interesting questions for BTS to answer, such as who is on the phone the most (Suga and Jin don't to phone calls and Jungkook only replies to texts when he feels like it!) and who buys the most stuff when on the road (J-Hope, Rap Monster, V, and Jimin all like to buy a lot!).

One fan sent through the question "If you were living in the sewers of the U.S, how would you convince your parents to let you go to a BTS concert?," to which Suga replies that he doesn't understand why parents won't let fans go to concerts since it is such a cultural-enhancing experience. In answering the question though, Suga said his solution was to buy everyone tickets and make parents go to the concert with them!

Jin agreed with Suga's response, and he chimed in with how he noticed how multi-generational BTS fans are based on their recent concerts.

But the most interesting answer was from Rap Monster, who said that he would show his parents where Korea is on the map and then explain to them that it might be a long-time before seeing BTS again because the boys might not come back to America next year.

Wait what?

It is still a bit early to be discussing plans for 2018, thus it is likely that BTS themselves have not decided on what to do for next year. That being said, another visit to Australia is on the cards, right BTS?

Check out BTS' Ask Anything Chat video right here (Rap Monster talking about maybe not heading to the U.S next year starts at around the 1:00 mark)


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