"Not like she's going around naked... why should she get hate for choosing not to wear a bra?"
25 Oct 2017 - 12:52 PM  UPDATED 25 Oct 2017 - 12:52 PM

Sulli caught the attention of many yesterday when she posted up a series of new photos that show off her new, shorter haircut, and tbh, we thought she looks amazing. 

But for many fans and netizens, it wasn't the former f(x) member's haircut that caught their attention but her lack of a bra. This isn't the first time that Sulli has posted up photos of herself not wearing a bra, but a fierce debate has been sparked up once again.

Some were critical of Sulli posting up her new "bra-less" photos, writing about how it is embarrassing and that she shouldn't be posting things like that since she is a public figure:

  • "I can't stop looking even though I try not too"
  • "She's a public figure. Can't she hold back a little bit?"
  • "This is embarrassing"
  • She's only going braless to beat out Han Seohee. I bet all the men are happy. Maybe if enough of the attention dies out, she'll go pantiless too.
  • Well maybe Sulli is just ahead of us... back in the day, short shorts were usually only worn by rebellious women but now it's become a normal piece of fashion. Maybe in 10 years all women will be going around without a bra.

On the other side of the fence, there were also some who defended Sulli for sharing her photos, writing things about how it's no one's business what she does:

  • "Her personal life is her freedom"
  • Women know that not wearing a bra helps with blood flow and digests food better too ㅜㅜ it's better for your chest health, just that I feel too shy to go outside in public without a bra... Sulli's brave
  • Not like she's going around naked... why should she get hate for choosing not to wear a bra?
  • Whether she wears it or not, I think we should lay off of her. No one points fingers in a foreign country if a woman isn't wearing a bra. It's a personal choice, leave her alone.
  • Whether she wears no bras or no panties, what's it any of our business~
  • There's no law that she has to wear a bra. It's not like she's going around topless, she's wearing clothes.


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