And 11 other fun facts about GFRIEND.
2 Nov 2017 - 11:20 AM  UPDATED 2 Nov 2017 - 11:21 AM

GFRIEND are known for their innocent concept combined with knife-life choreography, which makes them stand out in the K-pop scene.

In 2015 a fan-cam of the group performing "Me Gustas Tu" in the rain went viral online with members slipping multiple times during the concert. GFRIEND gained international popularity and ever since has been regarded as one of the top girl groups.

Let’s get to know the members!

1. Sowon was a DSP Media trainee who trained with the K.A.R.D members before joining GFRIEND.

2. Sin B used to star on a children's show called The Fairies in My Arms in Korea, she played the role of a fairy named ‘Shawing’ (it's definitely worth looking up on YouTube).

3. Umji comes from a rich family. Her father is the CEO of Moa Dentist Group who have over 30 practices in South Korea.

4. Yerin plays the role of Kim Heechul’s girlfriend in the music video for his song "I Wish."

5. Eunha and Sin B have the same real name ‘Eunbi' (so if a fan yells Eunbi, they'll both look haha).

6. Yuju has an interesting habit of clapping when she sleeps.

7. Sowon considers the members to be more talented than she is but hopes she will progress in time (it's no wonder she's the leader of the group).

8. Before their debut Sin B used to get compared to former Girls’ Generation member Jessica due to their likenesses (they do look similar!).

9. Umji is a huge fan of Disney movies. So much so that she pretty much taught herself how to speak English through them.

10. Yerin is good friends with APINK’s Ha-young and Red Velvet’s Joy.

11. Eunha only trained for two months before becoming a member of GFRIEND (that's the dream right there).

12. Yuju has a YouTube channel called ‘Yuna Choi;’ there are two videos of her covering songs including Frozen's "Let It Go" before her debut.


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Sowon trained with K.A.R.D members before joining GFRIEND!
And 11 other fun facts about GFRIEND.
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