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4 Nov 2017 - 6:00 AM  UPDATED 4 Nov 2017 - 6:00 AM

K-pop is very popular in Japan and that’s where some of our favourite groups have been making a name for themselves before their Korean comebacks.

Here are 7 K-pop idols, and groups, who are big in Japan!

1. 2PM

In 2011 2PM released their first Japanese single "Take Off," which was used for popular anime series Blue Exorcist's ending credits. 2PM was the second best-selling new artist in Japan in 2011, selling 12.68 million USD in singles, albums and DVD sales.

Their most recent Japanese album Galaxy of 2PM, released in 2016 has sold over 120,000 copies - more than their Korean album Gentlemen’s Game, which was released in the same year, selling 70,000 copies.


Rock music is really popular in Japan, so it’s no wonder CNBLUE actually made their Japanese debut (2010) before their Korean debut (2011). CNBLUE have only released two Korean studio albums, and eight Japanese studio albums with the latest being Stay Gold, in October. It seems that Japan can’t get enough of CNBLUE!


NU’EST started their Japanese promotions in 2014 while fellow label mates SEVENTEEN were about to make their debut in Korea. The group did incredibly well with singles "Shalala Ring" and "Na.Na.Na.Namida." Both made it in the top 20 on the Japanese Oricon charts.


In 2008 TVXQ finally hit it big with their 16th Japanese single "Purple Line" soaring to number one on the Japanese Oricon charts. It was the breakthrough they'd been waiting for, which made them one of the most popular Korean acts in Japan. 

Their last Japanese album With was released in 2014 selling over 250,000 copies.

5. BoA

BoA was one of the first Korean artists to find success in the Japanese market. She became an instant star with her debut Japanese album Listen to My Heart selling almost 1 million records in 2002. 

Over the years she has held twelve Japanese concerts, and just two in South Korea. She is already regarded as a legend in the music scene even though she’s only currently 30 years old.

6. B1A4

B1A4 found success in Japan by recording Japanese versions of their hit Korean songs. Their Japanese singles all reached the top ten on the Oricon charts, except for their latest single "Follow Me," which peaked at number 24 (which is still really good). The group has had the same number of tours (four) within Japan and Korea, proving their success in both countries.

7. Daesung (BIGBANG)

While BIGBANG is very popular in Japan, there’s one member who’s taken it to a whole new level, and that’s Daesung. Unlike the other BIGBANG members, Daesung doesn’t release solo extended plays or studio albums in Korea, instead he taken his music career to Japan.

Daesung goes by the name ‘D-Lite’ and has become immensely popular with his latest extended play ‘D-Day,’ reaching number one on the Japanese charts. 


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