Don't expect any romance storylines on YG's survival show!
3 Nov 2017 - 1:22 PM  UPDATED 3 Nov 2017 - 1:22 PM

YG Entertainment's survival show MIXNINE features both male and female contestants, but there's no hooking up behind the scenes.

According to Naver, the stars of MIXNINE are under a strict dating ban. And to make sure nothing happens, the males and females are staying on completely different floors during filming!

Anyone caught breaking the ban will suffer serious consequences - including a possible expulsion from the series.

A rep for one entertainment agency told Osen: "We have strongly enforced the dating ban to the trainees. It's part of the producers' request and it also means they're not focusing hard if they allow feelings to develop. We have warned them, saying they could be expelled from the program."

MIXNINE premiered on JTBC Sunday to solid viewer ratings of 1.919 per cent. It was easily defeated by rival show The Unit, which pulled in a high of 6.2 per cent, but that's partly because The Unit on public broadcast network KBS, while MIXNINE's JTBC is a cable network.

Check out MIXNINE's first project single "Just Dance" below!


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