So let's presume Australia is on the cards again, BTS?
9 Nov 2017 - 10:29 AM  UPDATED 9 Nov 2017 - 10:29 AM

It probably goes without saying that BTS have had quite the big 2017, starting off with a big win at the Billboard Music Awards and now the release of their acclaimed new album Love Yourself 'Her'. It certainly will be tough to top this year, but if the words of Rap Monster are to be believed, the boys have even bigger plans for 2018!

In a new interview with renowned publication, Forbes, the BTS leader discussed a number of topics such as their feelings about breaking into the Billboard 200 top 10 with Love Yourself 'Her' (it feels like they're still dreaming!), and their incredible output and balancing everything (the boys now aim to sleep well and practice much!). However, perhaps the most interesting tidbit was when RM was asked what plans BTS have for the rest of 2017 and for 2018.

While RM kept his cards relatively close to his chest, he did tease that 2018 will be huge, saying that the boys are "planning something really big. Bigger than even this year!" As for what that something is, the BTS leader said that the boys plan to "keep on doing what [BTS are] doing" at the moment, which is getting ready for their new album(!), going on tour(!!), and visiting America and performing concerts for their American fans!

Soooooo, can we presume another Australia visit is on the cards, BTS?


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