EXO, BIGBANG, Girls' Gen (to start your list)...
10 Nov 2017 - 1:51 PM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2017 - 1:56 PM

1. EXO

EXO are worldwide stars and extremely popular in China with their fan café ranking first among all K-pop groups; it has about 3 million members. 


Your boys BIGBANG are a big deal in China. For BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary concert in Seoul more than 1.98 million people from China tried to buy tickets and fly to South Korea. The concert sold out in nine minutes. Once BIGBANG had to cancel a concert being held in China because the venue could onlu hold 3-4,000 people and around 10,000 people were trying to get tickets. The concert had to be cancelled to prevent overcrowding.

3. T-ARA

T-ARA are known as the queens of K-pop in China. What helped them gain popularity was their cover of Chinese duo Chopstick Brothers’ "Little Apple" in 2014. T-ARA had their first tour in China called the "Great China Tour" in 2015, which sold out every concert they performed.

4. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation are popular just about everywhere. Last year in 2016 they were the only Korean artists invited to perform on China’s CCTV’s "New Year’s Gala." Member Yoona recently starred in Chinese drama God of War, which received 1.73% viewership in China (programs that have over 1% are considered high) proving her popularity within the country.


5. Jessica

China’s love for Jessica remains strong. For her debut solo album "With Love, J" she sold over 140,000 copies in China compared to 80,000 copies in South Korea. Jessica made her Chinese film debut in romantic comedy I Love That Crazy Little Thing, which has contributed to her success in the country.

6. Super Junior

In Super Juniors prime they were the most popular group within all of Asia. Super Junior’s sub unit Super Junior M became the most successful sub unit, selling out Chinese concerts and topping weekly ratings on shows they appeared on. Super Junior won numerous awards over the years at Chinese music festivals and were the idol group with the most endorsements contracts in China in 2009.


TVXQ have been around since 2003, and they're still popular in the Chinese music scene. Their fan café has over 1 million members in China which ranks 7th of all Korean artists. In 2014 on TVXQ’s 11th anniversary, wax figures of the duo were unveiled in Shanghai, China.

8. f(x)

The main reason f(x) are so popular in China is because of member Victoria. Victoria is Chinese and has had great success taking her solo career to her homeland, starring in television dramas and movies leading her to gain over 10 million followers on Weibo (one of the most popular social media sites in China). The group's Chinese fan café has 900,000 members and ranks within the top 10 for all K-pop artists. 

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