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17 Nov 2017 - 3:36 PM  UPDATED 17 Nov 2017 - 3:36 PM

There's been an increasing trend of K-pop songs containing Latin American lyrics. It's no surprise given how much K-pop has grown internationally with massive fan bases in South American countries.

It's great to see, because after all, music is universal! You don't need to understand a language to appreciate the music. 

Here are 10 K-pop songs with Latin American lyrics and their meanings.  

1. SF9: O Sole Mio

SF9's latest track '"O Sole Mio" contains lyrics in multiple languages.

Italian: "o sole mio" = My sun

Latin: "ego dormio" = I'm sleeping

Spanish: "te quiero" = I love you

2. KARD: Hola Hola

KARD's debut track "Hola Hola" has a double meaning; "Hello" in Spanish and "going up" in Korean, reflecting them saying hello to the world and their wish to rise up to success.


3. GFriend: Me Gustas Tu

GFriend's breakout hit "Me Gustas Tu" translates to "I like you" in Spanish.

4. Super Junior: Mamacita

Super Junior's addictive track "Mamacita" translates to "Little Mama" in Spanish. In this context, it's a term used to refer to women who are sexy and attractive.


5. IU: Havana

One of my favourite tracks off her album Modern TimesIU's "Havana" contains Latin American phrases.

Portuguese: "Ola, muito prazer, menina bonito" = Hi, nice to meet you, pretty girl

Spanish: "Hola, muchacha hermosa" = Hello, beautiful girl


6. SHINee: Senorita

SHINee sing about their senoritas (ie. women) in their song "Senorita." Key even raps in Spanish at the start.

"Hola, Damas y Caballeros" = Hello ladies and gentlemen

"Yo amigo*, Baila conmigo" = Yo friend, dance with me

"Somos SHINee" = We are SHINee


*Side note: SHINee also have another song titled 'Amigo.'

7. U-Kiss: Te Amo

"Te Amo" means "I love you" in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The song also contains other Spanish words such as "amor" (love) and "tu beso" (your kiss). This was a track from U-Kiss' album The Special to Kiss Me, their first album made completely for fans.


8. Girls' Generation - One Afternoon

In their song "One Afternoon" the ladies of Girls' Generation sing "Como estas?" which means "How are you?" in Spanish.

9. Ga-In: Esperando

Aside from Korean and English, Ga-In's seductive tango-inspired track, "Esperando" contains Spanish lyrics.

"Esperando el amor" = Waiting for love

"Yo te adoro" = I adore you

"Yo te amo" = I love you

10. Baek Jiyoung ft. 2PM's Taecyeon: My Ear's Candy

In Baek Jiyoung's popular hit song "My Ear's Candy" featuring 2PM's Taecyeon, she sings "Te Quiero," which means "I love you / I want you" in Spanish.


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