She was voted the top idol AND top artist of the year!
20 Dec 2017 - 1:30 PM  UPDATED 20 Dec 2017 - 1:30 PM

Gallup Korea, which surveys members of the public to analyse consumer trends, released its 2017 yearly polls for music this week. A lot of our favourite singers and idols made the cut, but one artist who stood out above the rest was IU.

IU ranked first as both the top idol AND the top artist, and she had two songs in the top five songs of the year. She was previously ranked as the top singer of 2014, and the top idol of 2015.

Meanwhile, TWICE came second on the top artist ranking this year, while Wanna One's Kang Daniel placed second on the top idol ranking. 

Check out the full list below. 

Top Artists

1 IU


3 Jang Yoon Jung


5 Yoon Jong Shin

6 Wanna One



9 Im Chang Jung

10 Lee Sun Hee

11 Psy, Red Velvet, Hong Jinyoung

14 Na Hoon A

15 Lee Seung Cheol

16 Kim Gun Mo

17 Lee Moon Se

18 Park Hyo Shin

19 Hwang Chi Yeul

20 Kim Bum Soo, SNSD

Top 20 Idols

1 IU

2 Wanna One Kang Daniel

3 Big Bang GD

4 Red Velvet Irene

5 Big Bang Taeyang

6 Twice Nayeon

7 BTS Jimin

8 Block B Zico

9 AOA Seolhyun, SNSD Taeyeon, Twice Tzuyu

12 Twice Jeongyeon

13 BTS Suga

14 Apink Jeong Eunji

15 Exo Chanyeol

16 Miss A Suzy

17 Twice Dahyun, BTS Jungkook

19 Exo Baekhyun

20 Mamamoo Solar

Top Songs

1 Yoon Jong Shin - Like It - 8.8%

2 IU - Through The Night - 4.3%

3 IU - Autumn Morning - 4.3%

4 Jang Yoon Jung - Call The Soul - 3.3%

5 Red Velvet - Red Flavour - 2.9%

[Translation via Reddit]


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